How to Conduct a Youth Group?

What should be done when a youth group meets? How long should a typical gathering be? The content of the gathering will determine the direction in which young people will develop. The following is an international framework which has proven successful in various youth ministries around the world. (The Timing is used for illustrative purposes, but the overall duration is 1 hour.)

10:30 am – Leaders Arrive and get the place/atmosphere ready.
10:45 am – Youth members arrive. Greet them and get to know them.
10:58 am – Opening prayer. Keep it spontaneous, pray from the heart in your own words.
11:00 am – Songs: 1 action song, 1 praise song
11:10 am – Activity/Game. (This can be related to the Talk)
11:20 am – 1 Worship Song
11:25 am – Talk (The Leader shares the lesson from the material provided.)
11:35 am – Group Discussion based on the lesson.
11:45 am – JAM (Just A Minute) Testimonies shared by youth under a minute each. (5 minutes = 5 Testimony)
11:50 am – Ask for Prayer requests and needs of the students.
11:55 am – Spontaneously pray sincerely for the needs shared and close the meeting in prayer.
12:00 am – Announcements & Snacks along with any other matter left to be discussed.

While this is a planed/intentional schedule to get things moving towards vision achievement. But we cannot limit the move of God inside our timetable. The Spirit of God has the final word. Dear Leader: Be ready for the move of God to take place in your youth ministry.

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Mayur Doriel

Mayur Doriel is an award winning Graphic Designer & Social Media Analyst working in Kolkata, India. He is also a Youth Leader & Trainer, who loves doing Youth Ministry in the trenches. In his free time, Mayur is an avid reader, a movie buff, a foodie and loves meeting new people.
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