The Power of Women

She conquers their hearts with her beauty,/With kindness touches them all/She enthralls the multitudes with her wit/Yet most effective of all/Is the fire that kindles in her heart/Fire that brings to her lips/Words of power and inspiration.

Man and woman were created by God in the image of likeness to his Great Self .He endowed them with attributes such that they would be complimentary to one another. However, the society reduced the identity of a woman to a mere functioning unit who kept order in a man’s home and reared his children.Subsequently relegating her to the background.

Even in a supposedly First World country like Britain women did not exist legally until much later in the 19th Century. Thus began the onward journey towards empowerment. In the sensex of the social order the graph depicting the progress of women can never remain constant but has been rather in a state of flux. The road to the empowerment of women was beset with seemingly insurmountable hurdles yet the steps never faltered. They clamoured for attention with the sole intention that their pleas be heard . Their voices rose in a unified appeal for equality. Many enlightened minds lent their support to this struggle through various means.

Eventually the walls restricting the emancipation of women gave way and the governments of different countries had to grant equal suffrage rights to women as well. Closer home, the Government of India made several laws to uplift the deplorable condition of women it also banned the practice of sex determination rendering it illegal.

Since then women have been empowered to take up leadership roles in various fields and excel in them. Leaders and pioneers such as Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Sarojini Naidu proved to the world beyond the shadow of a doubt that women had the innate capacity of becoming great leaders.

Women have the innate capacity of becoming Great Leaders. - Bidisha Chowdhury #Power Click To Tweet

However, being a leader belonging to the gentle sex in a patriarchal society is no mean feat. It entails the onerous task of convincing the members of the opposite sex about their credibility. The struggle for power will prevail until the end of time and women will still have to battle many evils , break many shackles in order to establish themselves as competent figures of authority.

Everyday countless women challenge the conservative outlooks of those people who believe that women are incompetent through their deeds. The wheel has been set in motion and women in the future will achieve great heights. It is only a matter of time before the society is compelled to relinquish it’s iron like grasp on women because the power of a woman is a force to be reckoned with.

The Power of Women is a Force to be reckoned with. - Bidisha Chowdhury #Power Click To Tweet
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