Your Youth Space Matters

If the service quality at a restaurant was bad, would you go back? If the place was dirty with infestations would you eat there again? The same standards we hold toward restaurants should be held toward our youth space.

So how would you rate your youth ministry’s space between 1 – 10?

If you are not sure, start asking your youth members, youth leaders and even your animator. Find out:

Is it working? What needs improvement?

You might not like the answer, but it’ll help you move towards a more attractive environment for young people. While certain changes are going to be unique to your local setting, there are a few basic steps to improve any environment.


There is nothing better than being greeted at the door. Position an animator or youth leader to simply open the door and say, “It’s great to see you.” If they know young person by name, that makes it even more personal. Make the person’s first impression a loving one with a smile 🙂 .


A clean space means fewer distractions. Make sure things are put away and kept in order. If you have a giant beanbag or a sofa, make sure the food stains are removed. If the floor seems dusty, clean it. You don’t want people distracted by the messiness of your space and breath in dust.


Everyone has a tight budget, but your space needs to be a priority. Each year, see if you can upgrade a piece of furniture or a new piece of technology/equipment. If people in your church are going to donate something, make sure it’s high quality. Don’t settle for half broken things.


No one said youths had to sit at tables or in rows. Youth ministry is flexible and so is your space. If you find that something isn’t working or is growing stale, then shake it up. While you may be limited with what you can do, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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Mayur Doriel

Mayur Doriel is an award winning Graphic Designer & Social Media Analyst working in Kolkata, India. He is also a Youth Leader & Trainer, who loves doing Youth Ministry in the trenches. In his free time, Mayur is an avid reader, a movie buff, a foodie and loves meeting new people.
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