Don’t Try Fixing When It’s Not Broken

He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:32 Click To Tweet

Let me tell you, one incident, When we were small we used pencils in School, so if we made mistakes we could rectify it with the help of an eraser. After some years we were introduced to fountain pens. The first day I started writing with the fountain pen(ink pen) I was excited and happy. I started my writing when I made a spelling mistake, I had to rectify it, but did not know how. So i remembered I used erasers, I took out my eraser and tried my best but nothing happened. Then I remembered seeing a boy using saliva, he put his finger in his mouth and rubbed it on the paper, I tried the same but the paper became black and untidy and finally I had a hole in the page. It looked horrible. I was ashamed of my work and did not want to show it to anybody because what I tried to fix turned out to be a MESS. When my turn came to show my exercise book to the teacher, he looked smiled and told me “When ever you make a mistake just cross it and move on” HURRAH !!! Now things looked neat and beautiful.

Dear friends in Christ, When we mess things up we try to rectify on our own, and things look more messed up and dirty. Lets turn to Jesus and leave our messed up life at the feet of the cross of Calvary (just cross it). and move on. Don’t look back at our mistakes that is why Jesus says in the bible “Remember Lot’s wife” [Luke 17:32]  Don’t go back trying to rectify.

Jesus has rectified the past by shedding his precious blood on the Cross.

Let us move on so that We don’t mess things up. The devil is the accuser he tries to prove you are a gone case, nothing good can happen because your past is dirty, (The Devil the accuser is defeated) [Rev 11:10]. Just let him know ~ if he knows your past, you know his future.

God bless you

No matter what your state has been just cross it and move on in Jesus name.

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