God Loves Us

Friends in Jesus Christ,

Today I perfectly understood what


– means. And God used Jim Caviezel’s Testimony to increase my faith, and I want to share it with you. May the Holy Spirit Lead you.

Friends, God is greater than all of us.

And I want to tell you, I’m sorry I would put on like this that what God wants to tell you is this that HE HAS GREAT PLAN FOR ALL OF YOU.

Christianity without suffering, is like #Christ without #Cross, and Can Glory come, without pain? Click To Tweet

Can anyone win the race, until they have taken the pain to run?

This is also written in the Scriptures and Jesus Christ has told us this

The Request of James and John Please read  (Matthew 20:20-28) Amen

Friends, today I am humbled before the Great I AM. Today I’m speechless let the spirit move and let Father share with you what He wants to tell you.

Today I understood that the Lord is always merciful, yet when we sin, no matter how great that sin is, we deny Him, we deny his son Jesus the savior of the world, we deny the works of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I #know this now that we are all #going to heaven Click To Tweet

but I also believe that it will take some #effort, some #sacrifices, and some #pain, to get into that hall of fame. In my entire life, I wanted to become a Singer, and wanted to have a band of my own. Today I understood, that where I am standing now,

Is because my Lord is nurturing me for my passion,

preparing me for my test of faith before the prince of the world, before the prince of darkness.

Jesus is not only the #Savior of the World, who saved us from the punishment of all our sins, He is the only #way we have to reach to father. Click To Tweet

And every word that came out from the mouth of our Messiah Jesus Christ, is from our Father, and when we are into Christ, we are not only into his Glory, we are not only Leader in Fame, Leader in preaching or performing miracles in His Holy Name by the Power of the Holy Spirit. But we are also into his passion,(1 Peter 2:21) I mean we are brides of Christ,(Revelation 19:7, 8; 21:2, 9; 22:17)and when we marry a women or a man, you do not get to choose, that I want this part of her and not that part of him, you get the whole set, you get the entire of him or her, similarly in Jesus Christ too, when we say we are Christian, we are into the passion too, as we are in the glory of God.

But beware we cannot say that we are into Glory of God, for it is Father, who can say that, who can glorify us, we can just pray, practice what we pray, and I believe we can at lest try to love ourselves first, and we can at lest the love the hurting world.

Trust me, when I tell you that the prince of the world, God’s adversary, the prince of darkness will always tempt you, because that is his duty, not ours.

From the beginning of time, it was he who always wanted to enslave us in sin, it was he who wanted to make us afraid of him, he wanted us to hate each other, and divide ourselves from God and from the love of God, and from each other.

But thank God, Jesus Christ came,

And showed us the way, the way to defeat him, not by sinning, but by accepting the responsibilities of our sins, and also accepting the burden of the sins, that others have done against us, and by choosing to forgive them too.

See I tell you this today as it was revealed to me, that Division which is diabolic is fueled by Hatred, Hatred is backed by Fear, and Fear comes when there is a tough situation in front of us Click To Tweet the evil spirit in front of us, which hurts us, makes our Journey of earth painful, makes us believe that our SINS, OUR SUFFERING is greater than God, make us believe in fake empty promises.

But then the Angel of God comes, and it shares it with you and me, that

God has a Plan for you and me,

And that is to increase the Kingdom of God in ourselves, to increase the Glory of it.

That we can become the New Jerusalem, that we do not need any sun or any light to light our city, but we are lit by the awesome presence of God. the Trinitarian God.

I tell you friends, God send his son, because he so loved the world,

And I’m convinced that nothing can actually separate us from the Love of Jesus Christ

(Romans 8-38-39) unless we want to CHOOSE TO PART FROM IT.

God told you before through me, that if you say God help me, God will save you, if you ask the Lord save me, He will lift you up in His own arms, I told you before that the Lord will magnify what you ask. And God will fulfill the prophecy which he made through prophet Isaiah Isaiah 61.7

And you know why? Because He loves us, I mean show me one parent that does not love his own children, and God the Father, is our Father, our very own father. His love is Eternal, He wants us to be happy, he wants us to do what we want to do,

Just like our parents wants us to be happy this enlighten you, Proverbs 3:1-2


I was blind friend, I was like James and John, I asked the Lord that Lord Grant that I may sit at Your right hand and the other at Your left in Your glory.

“I’m quite sure my pride did not let me hear what God said in reply, that “You do not know what you are asking,” Jesus replied. “Can you drink the cup I will drink, or be baptized with the baptism I will undergo?”

I thought so highly of me, that I thought that if the Lord asks me to die for him, I would gladly do it.

So in a short manner a few days ago I received a fraction of the fraction of the millionth fraction of the PASSION THAT MY LORD WENT THROUGH, to save me, and in that mildest suffering I cracked open, I sinned against my lord, and I gave up to the prince of the world, and I betrayed the same very Lord, who has given me birth, who died for me, so that my sins can be forgiven.

Today I understood what Jesus spoke through my mouth to you, that Everyday, I mean every moment, is a battle, The battle to choose, #EITHER OUR CREATOR, or #that is Created. Click To Tweet

But you know the great part of this experience? Isaiah 53:7

That God loves me and you, and the moment we repent, the moment, when we confess our sins, the moment when we go through the sacrament of reconciliation, the moment when we say I’m SORRY LORD, I will make to effort NOT TO SIN, that is the moment when we feel the real grace of God, the Glory of God.

I mean friend, point me to one Dad that does not forgive his own son or daughter,I know you cannot, because all fathers and mothers are loving, and they love their children and God is our Father, who is in heaven, and he loves us amazingly. You have to experience that love my friend, I cannot describe it to you in my words.

I can assure you friend, that once we have accepted Jesus, We have peace, and that peace is the Word of God, and the Word of God is God. Click To Tweet

And Satan comes to take away the word, that was planted on us.

It is our duty, to keep in us that word, THAT KINGDOM OF GOD inside us so that we can grow as the Kingdom grows in us.

Friends, God loves us, that is why he sent his son that through his passion we can be set free, free from the punishment of sins, so that Satan cannot take a hold of us, and enslave us, with its temptations and sins. Romans 8:1

I now know what is Kingdom of God, because it is revealed to me, the Kingdom of God, is the Heaven on Earth, it is the Love of God, the Freedom that God has given us, that is Joy, the Happiness, that the Lord has given us.

I can assure you that all the Good things that happen, happen because of that God, and whatever we do in the name of Lord, all things are possible because the has not forsaken us.

I am able to write this letter to you, even through when I have sinned because the Lord has not forsaken me, because when I said Lord have mercy on me, He forgave me.

That’s the grace my friend, that the love of God.

That even when I, hammered a Nail on the Body of Jesus Christ, through my sin, Jesus said to Father, Father forgive Abraham, for he does not know what He is doing.

That is God my friend.

That is my God, that is our God.

We should worship him.

As I was given this word of God, I give to you, all who are reading this message my dear friend. Haggai 2:23

Lastly I have only one thing to tell you friends,

Why are you dead, when you know you can live?

Come to Christ, and all will be healed

God is ever merciful, and he is Love

So let us love him, by following his words from our heart

Let us love one another and end our difference

God has plan for all of you and me,

Let us calm ourselves, that we may hear it

Let us make effort to keep away from sin

So that the Word, the presence of God in us, do not get diminished

God Bless you all, Please pray one our Father, one Hail Holy Queen & The Angel of God prayer, if you have loved the letter.

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