Do You Know Your People? – Part One

In ministry, we often think of people having the same level of faith as everyone else (including you and me). We think that, whatever we do or prepare; we are doing it for the same group of people. Too often in ministry we shoot in all directions, hoping it’ll resonate something with someone. The problem is, we have not categorized them.

As bias as it may sound, this is an important step towards structure and stability. Jesus preached to the crowd, but He sent out the 70. Though He sent the 70, he specifically discipled the 12 plus some women. Although He discipled the 12, He had a core team of 3, namely Peter, James and John.

We need to determine who is at which level of faith. As Jesus said, we’ll know them by their fruits. You can determine people’s faith level by their actions, their words, their relationships towards people and God.

The Different Types of People You’ll Meet

Community: The people in this group includes everyone who doesn’t come to church. It includes people of every faith, color, creed, atheists etc. It also includes a special group of people called G.E.C (Good Friday, Easter, Christmas) Christians. You only get to see them thrice a year at church.

Crowd: This group of individuals are your weekly church attenders. Jesus often preached to the crowd. People who would just come listen and go back the same. Nothing changed. Often we mistake individuals in the Crowd group as congregation. But the crowd come to church as an

Congregation:  The real congregation group are those who are not just weekly visitors but also active participants. Most active action bodies members are in this level of faith. They love the fellowship, the planning and programming, but they are still lacking discipline. Again you can know them by their fruit. They are active, but very temperamental. Their character values changes with their surrounding.

Committed: The individuals in this group are the special few who are more committed than the congregation, they want to grow further and deeper in their faith. They are passionate about Jesus and are willing to learn and be corrected. These are the true disciples, followers of Christ in passion and service.

Core: They are the Cream of the cream, the very few who have shown commitment and have been hand-picked for the role of leadership. They are to be like Jesus in every sphere of their lives hence their highest value is Integrity.

Jesus doesn't want us to be just a face in the crowd, He wants us in His Core Team. Click To Tweet

In part two, we will look at the various needs and plan of action of each group.

Based on the books:
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Feilds
Rebuilt by Fr. Michael White & Tom Corcoran
Rebuilding Youth Ministry by Christopher Wesley
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Mayur Doriel

Mayur Doriel is an award winning Graphic Designer & Social Media Analyst working in Kolkata, India. He is also a Youth Leader & Trainer, who loves doing Youth Ministry in the trenches. In his free time, Mayur is an avid reader, a movie buff, a foodie and loves meeting new people.
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