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Do You Know Your People? – Part Two

We speak, teach & train people as if they are all in the same level of faith. In another way of saying this: We teach & train holding the presupposition that everyone is in the same grade. The result of this, leaves us wondering why lives are not changed, why people don’t show Godly faith, […]

The Most Vital Ingredient of Leadership: INTEGRITY

The tragedy in today’s world is that we are shocked by ‘Integrity’ and not by dishonesty. The normal belief in today’s world is that it’s alright to lie, to steal, to fake oneself. When there is lack of integrity, it hurts somebody. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. A wedding I once attended, where […]

Do You Know Your People? – Part One

In ministry, we often think of people having the same level of faith as everyone else (including you and me). We think that, whatever we do or prepare; we are doing it for the same group of people. Too often in ministry we shoot in all directions, hoping it’ll resonate something with someone. The problem […]

The Power of a Whisper

**Phone Ringing** +3754 calling… – I answer: Hello Papa. That’s a phone call I receive few times a week. My dad works in a foreign country, and he uses some VOIP (voice over internet phone) number. Every time the number changes to something new. In fact it even shows other foreign phone code numbers. One […]

The Heart of Youth Ministry

THE HEART OF YOUTH MINISTRY IS RELATIONSHIPS BUILDING!  Sounds obvious, but it’s easily overlooked. It’s easy to get bogged down on the agenda and attendance. While important, relationships matter more. When you build relationships in youth groups young people open up and the group gets stronger and bonds closer.  To build relationships you need to put together a format that focuses […]

Your Youth Space Matters

If the service quality at a restaurant was bad, would you go back? If the place was dirty with infestations would you eat there again? The same standards we hold toward restaurants should be held toward our youth space. So how would you rate your youth ministry’s space between 1 – 10? If you are not sure, […]

How to Conduct a Youth Group?

What should be done when a youth group meets? How long should a typical gathering be? The content of the gathering will determine the direction in which young people will develop. The following is an international framework which has proven successful in various youth ministries around the world.