Do You Know Your People? – Part Two

We speak, teach & train people as if they are all in the same level of faith. In another way of saying this: We teach & train holding the presupposition that everyone is in the same grade. The result of this, leaves us wondering why lives are not changed, why people don’t show Godly faith, why is it with all that I do, I don’t see lasting impact. In part one of this two-part post, we looked into categorizing people based on the level of faith they are in. The groups are: Community, Crowd, Congregation, Committed, Core. If you want to know why we did so, please read Do You Know Your People? – Part One. In this part we will look at the various needs and plan of action of each group.

Since everyone’s level of faith or walk with Jesus is not at the same level. We need to know how to prepare, plan and also what to pray. The message must stay the same, but the methods and style of communicating it will vary greatly. As per the diagram, we need to work from the outside in. Getting people from community to the crowd, from the crowd to the congregation, from the congregation to the committed, from the committed to the core.
Each people group fulfills different purposes for church. The church overall has five purposes: Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry.

Different People Require Different Approaches

Community: The purpose is Evangelism. The Action Plan is: Reach people wherever, whoever, however they are. Jesus gave his life for the whole world. Everybody needs Jesus. The community must become the the crowd.

Crowd: The purpose is Worship. Jesus reached the crowd by loving them. To reach the crowd we must prepare our environments which will bring them into the loving hands of the church. A place where they can be accepted. Where they can be drawn to worship.

Congregation: The purpose is Fellowship. It’s not alright to be a face in the crowd. You cannot survive on your own. The crowd needs to fellowship and hence build authentic congregations where they help build one another. To be a member of an active action body. In our context it’s the parish youth group.

Committed: The purpose is Discipleship. From the congregation, you’ll find some who are showing more commitment than the rest. With them we need discipleship programs. YouCat is a great curriculum for discipling and making them firmer in their faith.

Core: The purpose is Ministry. Out of the committed ones, select a few to be leaders. Leading by example. Their role is to be like Jesus wherever they are. And primarily to do ministry and be the hands and feet of Jesus.


There is much more I would like to write on each of these categories and their needs and purposes. But this is just an introduction. If you want to learn more, get a copy of the book:  Rebuilt by Fr. Michael White & Tom Corcoran

You can also see Rick Warren’s training videos on How to have a Purpose Driven Church.